Which STOUT will you drink?

Pic credit: Drink Philly

Today (3 November) is International Stout Day.

The first of its kind, it has a simple purpose – to celebrate the great beer style, Stout.

So when you pour yourself a drink today, whether at a pub or at home with friends, make sure it is a stout. And those of us in India can cross our fingers and hope that by the next International Stout Day we have more options available to us.

Haywards Black India’s first genuine stout beer, is handcrafted from a rich blend of the world famous Caledon valley dark roasted barley malt along with a blend of imported and locally produced pale malts.

Untappd has even created a special badge to unlock. Simply check-in to any stout today and you too can share your love of this rich, dark and flavorful beer!

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In memory of my first taste of Guinness 🙂