Know Your Brew @1st Mumbai Int. Beer Festival

But it is worth it! (via

The 1st Mumbai International Beer Festival isn’t only about the drinking, it is also about the learning. Well, at least one hour is.

Navin Mittal and Rahul Mehra from the The Gateway Brewing Co. will educate all those interested on the two  days of the Festival at D’Monte Park, Bandra. They will give beer enthusiasts a crash course on the making of beer, its history, the types and even home brewing. 

Sessions will be on Saturday Oct. 15 and Sunday Oct. 16 at 6pm

To book a spot for Home Brewing Made Easy call Navin 9820089710

If you are a craft beer buff you can also sign up for the Tulleeho Beer Gurukul which will also be held at the Beer Festival.

The  Craft Beer Tasting will take you on a journey as you get to know some great beers from the heart of brewing traditions in Europe and America.

Chimay,  Saison Dupont, Schneider Weisse and Brooklyn Lager are some of the beers you’ll taste and learn about.

To book a seat call Ajit Balgi 9930744437

The fee is Rs. 750 per person and sessions will take place on Saturday Oct. 15 from 7-8 pm and on Sunday Oct.16 from 5-6 pm.