Hop onto the Wagen

Here’s some more info on the The Doolally Oktoberfest Wagen for all the Mumbaites.

If you board the Doolally + Blue Bulb Beer Wagen be warned – there will be a lot of noise, some crazy entertainment and when you are asked to join in the beer songs NO is not an option!


On Saturday 15th October the Wagen leaves from Mumbai at around 12.30 pm halting at three or four pick up points across the city. Touchdown at Doolally’s at 4.00 pm – Happy Hour time with Pints (330ml) available at Rs 70 and an English Mug (500ml) for Rs 100 and an open-air barbecue. Happy Hour deals end at 8.00 pm and the live bands take over. Food and beer will be served a la carte – Pint: Rs 160, English Mug: Rs 227. The Wagen departs at 12:30 am.

On Sunday 16th October get an early start. 11:30 am pickup. The Happy Hours start from noon all the way to 8.00pm (Pint: Rs 70, English Mug: Rs 100). Post 8.00 pm it’s time for a Stand Up Comedy act, followed by live rock music (10 artists). Beer and food will be served a la carte– Pint: Rs 160, English Mug: Rs 227. The Wagen departs to Mumbai at 11:00 pm.


Rs. 1200 Pass: Entry + Rs. 1000 worth of beer and food coupons + Transport from Mumbai to Pune, and back on the Beer Wagen.

Rs. 1000 Pass: Entry + Rs. 1000 worth of beer and food coupons.

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What you’ll be drinking:

Oktoberfestbier – Märzen: Märzenbier is the traditional specialty of Oktoberfest with a malty aroma.

Hefeweizen (Wheat Beer) – Pronounced as ‘Vice beer’, this summer-time favourite in Bavarian beer-gardens imparts a hint of cloves and bananas. The undisputed best seller, this is a serious refreshment!

Irish Red Ale

Bohemian Pale Ale

Apple Cider


For the prices they offer (esp the Happy Hour deals), moneywise the Doolally Oktoberfest seems like the best Oktoberfest deal. How true it is to its Munich counterpart we’ll just have to wait and see. If anyone has a fair shot at brewing top class German Oktoberfest beer in India, I’d put my money on German-born, Brewmaster and Co-founder of Doolally, Oliver Schauf. Although, I’ve come to realise that in their misguided attempts to recreate the original many Oktoberfests in the city end up ruining what would otherwise have been a fun beer-drinking day. So fingers crossed and all the best to Doolally.

I’ll hoping to get a spot on the Wagen on Saturday. Leave a comment or catch me on Twitter to let me know if you’re going to be there too 🙂

My weekend looks crazy right now – Friday – Indo-German Chambers Oktoberfest, Saturday – Doolally here I come, Sunday –  going international at the 1st Mumbai International Beer Festival. Bring it on, I say!