World Malbec Day

So it’s World Malbec Day today and I asked Sommelier Magandeep Singh for a quick introduction to the purple grape. Here it is:

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Malbec is one of my favourite grapes and I sincerely believe that it needs to find its true place and recognition on the international wine shelf. The World Malbec Day is a good way to commemorate this lovely Argentinean grape and give it its due merit.

Some of you may scoff at the idea of calling this grape Argentinean for it is true that it originally hails from France (Bordeaux to be precise) and was called Cot there. Still is. Trouble is that in France it is but a side-kick; a trusty grape to cover for the shortcomings of the famed Cabernet but never one to be allowed a spot in the limelight. Well Phylloxera changed that: France lost it’s production considerably and the grape was then found and resurrected in its new-found home, Argentina. Today, France may claim it back but we from the land of Lord Krishna know which mother (the one who gave birth or the one who brought one up) is to be more revered.

As the world celebrates Malbec Day, it was heartening to see more than a dozen winemakers descend upon the capital with their prestige selections. Special mention for the wines of Susan Balbo (, Juan Pablo Lupiañez ( and Jorge Cardozo ( whose wines I managed to taste and found very deserving and worthy of applaud.

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