Delhi, this is what you need for your next house party

Imagine fresh beer straight out the tap and into your glass in the comfort of your home. No need for bartender tabs, just pour yourself some chilled frothy goodness. Yep, that’s the dream, and if you live in Delhi that dream is now just a phone call away. All for a price, of course.

The Bavarian beer brand Erdinger has been available in India for years now. If you’ve tried it already you know it’s good. If you haven’t, well, you should.

How can you not want that?

How can you not want one of your own?

Erdinger is now available to customers in 30 litre kegs. It will be delivered to your home along with a nifty contraption called the ‘kegerator’ which is akin to a mini-fridge. The kegerator which requires a power source is equipped with a cooling mechanism to keep your beer cold. Much better than stuffing your fridge with bottles. There’s even a carbon dioxide cylinder attached, which will take care of the carbonation. You know, for that perfect head! (I dare you not to TWSS that last line.)

A technician will oversee the initial set up and once the keg is fitted out, all that’s left is to turn on the tap and enjoy. Often the problem with portable draught machines is that the carbonation goes wonky dispensing more froth than ideal. Although I haven’t tried it myself yet, I’ve been told that the kegerator has never faced that problem. Apart from hotels that use it for events it’s been a great success for birthday parties and daytime wedding functions as well.

You can choose between the popular Erdinger Weissbeir (wheat beer) or the dark brown Erdinger Dunkle. Both are available in 30 litre kegs, priced at Rs 14,500/keg including the cost of the equipment for the duration you require it. Typically once a keg is tapped it is ideal to finish it within 3 days. Once done, the empty keg and machinery will be picked up and carted off.

I think that’s quite a good deal for the novelty of having draught beer at home. What do you think?

There are three outlets in Delhi from where you can source the kegs. If you’re interested in finding out where, leave me a comment below and I’ll send you the details. In the meantime, happy guzzling.

Update: Here’s where you can get the kegs
Pawan Kumar Verma Wine Shop

Shop No. 187-188-189, Mohan Singh Market, N. A., Opposite Delli Haat, Delhi

Tel +(91)-11-24642233

Ashok Gulrajani Wine & Beer Shop

Shop 5 & 6, Jangpura, Delhi – 110014

Tel +(91)-11-43550622

Chitranjan Suri Wine & Beer Shop

Greater Kailash II, Part-2, Near Savitri Cinema,Delhi – 110048

Tel +(91)-11-29212258