#GiggleOnOz: Win a 6 pack of Oz beer

If you follow the blog, you’ll know that I recently attended an Australian beer masterclass in Delhi (read here). Since there was so much interest around the Coopers Sparkling Ale (a very Australian notion, I’m told), I’ve been working on a way to help you get your hands on a few bottles.

So, finally you can win a 6 pack of Coopers Sparkling Ale. Since this beer isn’t available in Indian stores, it makes it that much more special.


Contest rules:

I’m keeping this one simple. Share a snapshot of your favourite Australian thing and tell me why with the hashtag #GiggleOnOz. It can be a place, dish, person…anything Australian (and a representative picture off the net is fine too). Multiple entries are welcome. Make sure you follow @giggle_water on twitter and like Giggle Water 411 on Facebook to be eligible. And sharing or RTing will definitely help your chances.

Contest ends on Sunday, 29th September and is open to all as long as you have someone in either Mumbai or Delhi to pick  up the 6 pack.