A Homerkin, anyone?

Did you know that 90% of what people say is conveyed through just 7000 words? I didn’t, and it seems like such a waste that so many words in the English language lie unused, fading away as the years go by. Oxford Dictionary’s attempt to change  this is through the ‘Save the Word’ initiative that allows everyone to adopt a word from the many published on the site.

I chose two words in keeping with the giggle water theme, and am now on a mission to spread the word and use them as extensively as I can (even if they don’t completely apply!). I’m still awaiting my certificate though!

Here’s what I chose:

Homerkin: Liquid measure for Beer

Usage: Innkeeper! Six homerkins of beer and a packet of crisps.

Most online sources say ‘Homerkin is an extinct word’. Correction: Homerkin WAS an extinct word (drumroll!!) but has now been adopted and will be used henceforth to refer to large amounts (approx. 75 gallons??) of beer.

Was Homerkin the inspiration behind the naming of a certain bald, yellow man who loooovvvveeesss his beer?? Hmmmm….. possible, no? What do you think?

Beer, the cause of, and solution to, all of life problems. -Homer Simpson

Alabandical: Barbarous; stupefied from drink; savage

Usage: The hotel room was wrecked following the band’s positively alabandical behavior

You can adopt your own word at http://www.savethewords.org/

It really is a great feeling to adopt! 😀

Let me know all the ways you use Homerkin and Alabandical, and in the same sentence, coz of course after downing a homerkin it would be pretty normal to expect alabandical behaviour, yes?

Homer image courtesy: protias.com