Gigglewater 411

Okay, so I’m no blogger. I really don’t have anything extraordinary or unique to say. And from my first two lines it’s probably obvious that I haven’t received the ‘Blogging for Dummies’ handbook.  But in my work at Ambrosia – a wine and spirit magazine, I often come across some interesting bits of information that will appeal to all those tipplers out there. So I’ve decided to compile all I learn in what, I’m told repeatedly, is apparently ‘the best-way’ – through a blog.

Why Gigglewater411? Well, because everything else I could think of that had to do with liquor, spirit, bar, liquid… was taken already and Gigglewater just has a ring to it. It was what they called alcohol during the Prohibition in America in the 20s. Today it’s used as colloquial word for drinks and quite a self-explanatory one at that. The 411 is for information like 911 is for emergency. Either everyone knows this or I’ve watched too many American action movies as a kid. So there you have it – ‘Alcohol Information’ was too crass, but in its essence, it’s as simple as that.

Interesting titbits, some cocktail recipes maybe and of course, not forgetting food, reviews of restaurants (mostly in Mumbai) which offer a sizeable beverage and cocktail menu.