Fuse 2.0 for Vivanta by Taj – Tim Etherington-Judge’s cocktail recipe

6 cocktails for 6 cities. Mai Cai for Pune.

Located in the Western Ghats, Pune is lush, green and beautiful so to celebrate this we’ve been inspired by one of the great tropical cocktails, the Mai Tai. Our version dances with Ketel One vodka, fresh citrus juices and a splash of almond sweetness.


What happens if you cross everyone’s favourite vodka cocktail with the Mai Tai. This delicious combination of Ketel One vodka, fresh lime and orange and a touch of almond syrup to balance.


45ml Ketel One

¾  fresh lime quartered

1 wedge of fresh orange

15ml Monin Orgeat

1 barspoon sugar syrup

Glassware: Rocks glass

Garnish: Orange Wedge

Method: Muddle lime quarters, orange wedge and orgeat in a cocktail shaker. Add Ketel One and ice and shake for 10 seconds. Strain into an ice filled rocks glass and garnish.