La Marathon du Médoc

September 8, 2012: Marathons are not my thing. But if there was anything likely to convert me, this would be it. La Marathon du Médoc in France weaves its way through 59 wine chateaux and it is customary to take a wine-stop at each one. Lasting six and a half hours over 42 kilometers,  it is the world’s slowest and most ‘intoxicating’ marathon!

Entry is capped at 9,000 participants who don all sorts of crazy costumes on the wine-run. Here, the helpful “Gatorade?” is replaced with the question “Red or White?” For snacks try cheese, raisins, steak and fresh-shucked oysters.  This marathon is very clearly about the wine. In case there was any confusion, a look at the registration form would clear that up. It urges participants to forget about speed, and discourages anyone who is ‘sad, unfriendly or stressed out’. The grand prize:  For the winner Male and Female – their weight of Médoc wines.

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