Fuse 2.0 for Vivanta by Taj – Tim Etherington-Judge’s cocktail recipe

6 cocktails for 6 cities. Fresh Apple Pie for Mumbai.

The humble green apple is seen as a key indicator to the growth in the internationalization of India. So what better way to celebrate India’s most international city than with Ketel One vodka and a fresh green apple!


Apple and cinnamon is the proverbial match made in heaven. Here the classic Ketel One apple martini is spiced up with just a hint of top quality cinnamon


45ml Ketel One

1 green apple

30ml Apple Juice

5ml cinnamon sugar syrup

Glassware: Cocktail Glass

Garnish: Apple Slice

Method: Muddle the apple with cinnamon syrup and then shake all ingredients with cubed ice and double strain into a chilled glass