Fuse 2.0 for Vivanta by Taj – Tim Etherington-Judge’s cocktail recipe

6 cocktails for 6 cities. Chamomile Mar-tea-ni for New Delhi.

The capital city of India has given the world many things including a love of India’s legendary teas. This cocktail pairs one of the world’s great gins, Tanqueray No.TEN with a robust chamomile tea for an innovative take on the classic Martini.


Tanqueray No.TEN gin uses fresh chamomile flowers as one its unique flavourings, so what better than to pair it with sweet bianco vermouth and finest chamomile tea.


30ml Tanqueray No.TEN

15ml Bianco Vermouth

30ml chilled Chamomile tea

10ml sugar syrup

Glassware: Cocktail Glass

Garnish: Orange zest

Method: Shake all ingredients with cubed ice and double strain into a chilled glass