Berry Ristretto Cocktail

Fuse 2.0 for Vivanta by Taj – Tim Etherington-Judge’s cocktail recipe

6 cocktails for 6 cities. Berry Ristretto for Bangalore.

Bangalore is the capital of some of the world’s best coffee so what better way to celebrate the planets favourite caffeinated bean than with a shot of fresh espresso, Ketel One vodka and a hit of fruity black currants.


A little spring time fruit gives the quintessential  late night pick me up, the espresso martini, a new lease of life with Ketel One vodka and the blackcurrant liqueur crème de cassis joining forces with a shot of fresh espresso.


45ml Ketel One

15ml Monin Cassis

1 shot of fresh espresso

Glassware:  Cocktail

Garnish:  3 coffee beans floating on top

Method: Shake all ingredients VERY hard for 10 seconds with cubed ice and strain into a chilled glass